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Study destination an important factor in student recruitment

In 2018, EduCo achieved a milestone with more than 30,000 students from China, India and South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe applying to study at an EduCo institution. This year, the company plans to sustain this growth across all 16 partner and EduCo-owned institutions in four study destinations: Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States and part of its strategy is to continue to raise the profile of its colleges and universities by highlighting the best features of each town or city where the campuses are located.
Senior Vice President for Global Marketing Adam Roberts says that the study destination has been an important factor in the company’s international recruitment efforts. “Students nowadays want to experience another culture while preparing for a future career,” he says. “And what better way than to package both by highlighting the study destination’s culture, climate, liveability and safety features, employment opportunities and lifestyle in addition to the merits of the school they are considering.”
EduCo’s education agents and recruitment partners understand that international students would like to travel and explore their new surroundings, and part of their decision to study in any academic institution in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States hinges on those other factors that make the destination more appealing. Roberts adds that “as students are not confined to their classrooms and campuses for the duration of their stay, their study experience will be made richer and more meaningful once they have explored the cities and towns surrounding their campus.”

The PIE News reported last month on a survey of 20,000 students that the primary drivers in the choice of a study destination for international students are: (1) experiencing a new culture, (2) achieving career goals and (3) embracing the adventure. In the study, teaching quality ranked fifth while visa issues placed last in a list of the seven factors influencing students’ decisions. Making new friends and widening professional network placed fourth while studying for free ranked sixth.

Josh Hopton-Stewart, site manager of which did the study, says: While teaching quality is obvious, it is but a part of it. We predict that countries with strong study councils which are engaged in helping university marketers attract international students using the unique culture of their country as a promotional tool will experience a big rise in popularity.