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Speedier visa processing for international students

International students from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines who have applied for full time study to Arbutus College and Acsenda School of Management in Canada can now access the Student Direct Stream. This is a new student visa processing system that can cut down the processing time for students who meet certain language and financial criteria.

“The new student visa processing stream is a welcome improvement for our education agents and most especially our students who are pressed for time and are anxious to transition into their new life in a new country, with all its attendant adjustments and challenges,” says Jim Panos, senior vice president of EduCo’s North American operations.

The new system, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), complements Canada’s Express Entry Immigration System which processes visa applications of skilled workers for permanent residence.
In a related development, a global survey of overseas study applicants has revealed that Canada is fast emerging as a preferred study destination after a marked decline in international student numbers due to uncertainties in the visa policies of leading destinations like the United States and United Kingdom.
Senior Vice President for Global Marketing Adam Roberts thus encourages EduCo’s education agents to latch on the shift in students’ decision making and help them find the right degree programs, intake schedules, and scholarships with the help of a user-friendly tool like the Course Finder.