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Shortage of engineering graduates opens more opportunities for international students

Engineers Ireland last month aired its concern regarding the 55% decrease in civil and building engineering graduates over the last five years, in spite of the increase in entry-level salaries and the thousands of job openings. The organisation said that in order to meet the current and future requirements of both sectors, the number of higher education students enrolled in these programs have to increase proportionately.

Engineers Ireland further reported that despite the 48% increase in enrolment to civil and building engineering courses as of last year, there was a significant drop of enrolments during the economic crisis.
International students currently enrolled or planning to enrol in civil and building engineering programs can latch on to this opportunity upon graduating from their degree.

6,000 job openings for civil and building engineering

The prospects for civil and building engineering graduates are good especially after the sector reported a significant improvement in the last fiscal year. Engineers Ireland is expecting engineering firms to open some 6,000 job positions this year.
The current average annual salary for engineering graduates is €33,750. This figure is 20% higher compared with the data over the same survey period from 2014. The engineering body’s report also found that almost all engineering employers surveyed consider a shortage of experienced engineers to be a barrier to growth, while almost half expect this situation to get worse this year.

Filling the void

Engineering & Design Expo 2019 at IT Sligo

Two of the EduCo-partner institutions in Ireland – IT Sligo and TU Dublin – are offering degree programs in civil and building engineering. IT Sligo offers the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering with a focus on five areas: (1) Environmental Engineering, (2) Geotechnical Engineering, (3) Structural Engineering, (4) Transportation Engineering and (5) Construction Engineering.
Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) offers Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Level 7) in Building Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Civil Engineering (Level 7). TU Dublin, formerly Dublin Institute of Technology, is a trusted source of graduates for building engineers in Ireland and is the only institution which is accredited by Engineers Ireland for chartered engineering professionals in this field.