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NJIT welcomes students for fall 2017

This is the second in a series of articles for incoming students to the fall 2017 semester at our U.S. partner institutions. This series is intended to help answer any questions students or recruitment partners may have about what international students need to do to prepare for a smooth transition into their studies in America. The first in this series, an article for UNL, is here.
International students commencing at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in fall 2017 will be joining an institution that is at the forefront of research in the United States. NJIT is committed to developing its students to become leaders across industries globally and is building state-of-the-art facilities on campus; these new facilities will give students the edge in today’s demanding high-tech marketplace.
The International Student Orientation Week starts on 28 August. Even if international students are planning on attending other orientations on campus, attendance at International Student Orientation Week is mandatory. The schedule is available here. Students should note that the rest of their orientation schedule is based on their major. During orientation, students will register for classes, make friends, open a bank account, tour the campus and get ready to start their NJIT student career.
Depending on their arrival date, international students may be able to secure temporary housing on campus – for more information on this, they should contact the Office of Residence Life at If students plan to live on campus during their studies, they must apply for university housing here. Those who want to pursue off-campus housing can find additional information here.
Getting to campus
The closest airport is Newark Liberty International, however, students can also fly into John F. Kennedy International Airport. Information about how to arrive on campus can be found on the NJIT website.
Immigration documents
International students will need to bring their passport and NJIT I-20 with them to orientation. These must be the original versions, no copies will be accepted.
Each new student to NJIT will need to set up their University Computing ID (UCID). International students must create this before they arrive on campus, as they will need it to participate in the International Student Orientation Week. The UCID can be created here. Students simply need to follow the prompts as indicated on the website. If they have any questions during the setup process, they can contact NJIT’s Help Desk at for assistance.
Medical clearance
Students must submit two medical forms directly to NJIT’s Health Services Office: Immunisation Form and Physical Exam Form. Click here to download the forms.
Best contacts
For international students who have more questions, EduCo recommends they get in touch with the following NJIT departments: