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Electronic Engineering: program focus

Feats of electronic engineering are all around us – the computer or mobile device you are reading this on is a product of it! In fact, anything that uses electricity or batteries was most likely designed by an electronic engineer.
Maynooth University in Ireland offers international students the opportunity to study this exciting and truly innovative field. Students will find themselves motivated by their peers and the staff within the University’s Electronic Engineering department, as they learn not just about the impact of science and technology on the world, but develop the ability to design groundbreaking systems.
With Ireland being the European home of many of Silicon Valley’s tech giants, including Google and Facebook, Maynooth is a great option for international students looking to study in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with access to some of the world’s leading companies. Also, the Irish Government has recently made changes to their Third Level Graduate Scheme, commonly referred to as the stay back visa, allowing students to remain in Ireland after graduating. Graduate electronic engineers can expect to earn from €33,000 to €42,000, along with a range of other benefits offered by Irish employers, according to Morgan McKinley.
Students can choose from the following programs to study electronic engineering:

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science (Robotics and Intelligent Devices)
  • Bachelor of Science
  • 3U Master of Engineering in Digital and Medical Technologies
  • Master of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (Embedded and Wireless Systems)
  • Postgraduate Diploma Electronic Engineering (Embedded and Wireless Systems)

Electronic engineering is one of the most popular subjects at Maynooth, and if international students choose to complete their qualification at the University, they will be joining an increasing number of students who are making the same choice. Maynooth recently received an increase of nine percent on first preference applications from domestic high school leavers which reflects the 12 percent overall increase in applications across the entire university in 2016.
To find out more about the Electronic Engineering programs available at Maynooth University, please contact EduCo Senior Vice President, Ireland, Jacob Kestner at